Wednesday, July 19, 2006

give me a break big brother

I’ve been camping in my empty apartment again this week. All the furniture’s been shipped down to the house and I’m crashing on Eddie Bauer’s Luxury Insta-Bed, which any way you cut it, is still a blow-up bed. So I’ve cracked a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, which I’m drinking from a paper cup, and am sitting in my tweety bird jammies giving my new laptop a test run. Boy do I know how to live!

Makes sense to leverage the apartment since most of this month’s business is in Seattle. But now it's empty and there’s nothing to do other than write, read, practice yoga, yak on the phone, eat Ben & Jerry’s, or watch the small portable TV I used to keep in my studio for late night work stints. Tonight I’m bored. And I'm out of Ben & Jerry's. So—I’m really embarrassed to say this—I have one eye glued to a show that I’ve always refused to watch, and will never view again: Big Brother. The All-Stars. (…huh?)

What is with those people! Capital-A-Awful doesn’t begin to cover it. In the 30 minutes I’ve been cringing and cursing, the only person to hint at a modicum of integrity is the strikingly handsome, bearded Kaysar. And the only mildy interesting segment was when what's-his-name (the dumb one...okay that's not nice, the laid back one) left his towel on the bath tub and climbed out of the shower butt naked. The 'interesting bit', of course, was blurred out.

Please tell me what drives people to showboat their sneaky, spiteful, pitiful, conniving selves anywhere, let alone on national TV? They call it strategy. I call it ugly. They call it game. I call it pathetic. Do they really believe they’re destined to become the next great star? In the words of 20-20’s John Stossel—give me a break!


Anonymous said...

I like the dumb one!!!

Deirdre said...

I absolutely agree. The level of idiocy is breathtaking. I've never seen Big Brother or American Idol, although I did watch a couple of early episodes of Survivor. Then I took a shower. Yuck. I'm sure my guilty pleasures aren't much more intelligent, but at least there's a story and not just nasty, mean people. Oh my, I ranted.

I hope the move will be completed soon - chardonnay is so much better in a real glass. :)

Bibi said...

It's ok to rant ... and again last night, BB (big bore) was the only thing I could get on the portable TV. So I took a walk instead. And thank you; I plan to enjoy a glass of wine tonight, outside in the garden :-)

andrea said...

Don't do it! I don't watch BB or other reality TV but as a closet Survivor fan, I never miss a series ... or an episode.

And I can hardly wait to get my new (used) laptop. I've never had a computer to call my own...

Bibi said...

LOL ... that's exciting Andrea, although not as much fun as your fab artwork.

And to Anon who likes the dumb one ... each to his own ;-)