Tuesday, July 18, 2006

wanted: hunky stepford guy

7:25 am and Cole sends a priority text message. Check voicemail! So I duck out of my meeting to listen to his ever-so urgent message: “… sent seven emails. Where’ve you been? … don’t you know you’re supposed to blog at least once a week? S’posed to be a journal of what’s going on, what’s caught your eye, what’s on … [blah, blah, blah].”

Well, yes Cole, I’ve been told. But when you’re busy LIVING life, it’s sometimes challenging to make the time to actually sit down and catch up. When you’re temporarily living between two homes, and working from an Internet café because for the first time in 12 years you have no home Internet connection and your new studio looks as though an Israeli misfire landed—and then you have to waste precious minutes scavenging through hurriedly packed boxes looking for clean knickers and at least one of your three hairdryers and a steam iron (to hell with the board, I’ll do it on the floor) just to avoid looking like a startled alley cat—you feel caught somewhere between the simple life and Gehenna.

So I roll my eyes. Hit delete. And as I slide back around the conference table, decide that like many busy career women, what I need is not a husband (although they can be quite wonderful), but a Tom Selleck branded version of the Stepford wife. Now wouldn’t that be lovely.


Anonymous said...

sign me up! but i'd like a brad pitt version. and maybe johnny depp for weekends. ;-D

Bibi said...

Greedy! But why not? LOL.