Sunday, June 17, 2007

someone new

There’s someone new in my life. Don’t get me wrong, he hasn’t replaced the other someone. Let’s just say he’s added a renewed sense of energy and some ... tantalizing new tricks.

We’ve been together only a month, and already, I’m crazy in love! I kept it quiet (until now) because … well … I wasn’t sure it would work out. He’s been around the block a few times—you know how baggage goes—but I thought he was worth the risk.

He’s tall, dark, handsome, and incredibly smart. He's strong, well-traveled, well-mannered, kind, and responsible. Yet he’s wild, adventurous, free-spirited. Very creative. Tons of fun. And he makes me laugh from morning till night.

We’ve kayaked together; sailed, hiked, and climbed rocks. On Wednesday, we watched a grey whale puff his way up the narrows during our early morning constitutional. On Thursday we picnicked on the beach, snuggling close as the sun set. On Friday he brought me crab. Saturday, a seal’s flipper. And this morning … a half eaten fish.

His brows knit together and his soft amber eyes fill with confused disappointment as I squirm at the delicacy of the day, so proudly dropped at my feet. I kiss his nose and ruffle his head, “Good boy Dylan. Come on … let’s go chase seagulls!”

I renamed him Dylan, derived from Welsh mythology: Dy = Great, Lan = God of the Sea, very appropriate since he's of Welsh origin, loves the ocean, and Dylan Thomas is one of my favorite poets. This Great God of the Sea was rescued from an abusive situation in Nebraska. He then spent several months traveling with his rescuer in an 18-wheeler across the States. But it was unfair to keep a working dog confined in a cab, so the trucker reluctantly turned him into PAWS. He was fostered out to a lovely foster mom down on the WA/Oregon border, and then I adopted and brought him up to Seattle. He's a Welsh Border Collie mix, about 2 years old. And he's a keeper!


Pamela said...

Now I'm wishing I was a little younger == so I could maybe flirt a little and catch his eye. Or at least make his tail wag.

What a handsome fellow.

andrea said...

A Border Collie! He's beautiful. Did you really take him in a kayak? I love that!

My next dog will be a Border Collie if I don't succumb to another Australian Shepherd (so closely related). I got my current Aussie as an adult rescue from someone who bailed him out of the humane shelter in Wenatchee. I love him so much I spent the next two years working with the same rescue group and fostered/placed about a dozen dogs. Then we got a cat... :)

Ant said...

Oh dear - didn't have you down for bestiality. I guess you never can tell with some folk... :o)

Sorry - I'm gross. That is one very cute dog - he looks a wonderful companion!

Ian Lidster said...

I think I love you -- you have a border collie! That says wonderful things about you. I still miss mine every day and he died in 1987. They are so wise, and I actually I believe they can speak and read, but choose to keep it to themselves. Best dog in the world,Vickie, and may you have many years of sheer joy.

MSU gal said...

unconditional love...can't beat it!

Ces said...

Haha! I knew there was a catch to this someone when you said, he has not replaced the other one. Very lovely piece of writing because I was glued and could not wait to get to the climax of the story. You deserve your happiness!

kj said...

aaawwwwhhhh. i love that you have found eachother. he is a doll.

congratulations to you both.


Cazzie!!! said...

Oh my, he just look like my dog named Mate, I had him when I was a teenager, I miss him still even though I have Bondi now, and 4 kids :)

Becca said...

This is one man you can count on to love you unconditionally until his dying day :) He's a beauty, and I'm so glad you found each other.

Bibi said...
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Bibi said...

Pamela, he likes wonderful women who are in the prime of their life. ;-)

Andrea, yes I did! My friend has a double kayak. So he took Dylan in the front his kayak, and I took a single kayak. He used to do this with his dog ... even borrowed his red doggy life jacket! Good on you doing rescue work.

Ant, I knew someone was going to bite there. And how did I know it would be you, LOL. But that's ok dude, my bros would have said that too. ;-)

Ian, you're so right. I've never had such a smart dog ... he is amazing and I could gush about him for days.

MSU Gal, and it's even more 'unconditional' when mom has bacon bits, LOL.

Ces, thank you. And today's delicacy was an empty beer can ...

KJ, yes, he is a doll.

Cazzie, oh, you were both adorable!!

Becca, true. And of all the dogs out there for adoption, his face kept pulling me back to his picture. He was worth the 200+ mile trip.

peteknowles said...

Ock, and I thought you were cheating on me! (Better not tell my lovely wife that - although I think she already suspects.) JUST KIDDING MY LOVELINESS!

deirdre said...

Oh, he's a sweetie. There's nothing like a good doggie. Enjoy.

Kiyotoe said...

aww, now i have to go to the park and play with my buddy.

we never get to hang out like we used to when he was a puppy. :(

DesLily said...

Awww, he's a cutie!! I had a dog that looked like him once.. sweetest disposition!!

Pets are great! I'm glad you found one!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

And there I was thinking he was named after Robert Zimmerman

Keshi said...

I think I LOVE Dylan. Wud u mind that? :)


Bibi said...

Pete, I'm sure she'll sort you out, and rightly so, LOL.

Deidre, thank you ... he thinks so.

Kiyotoe, yes you will ... makes for good 'creative thinking space'.

Deslily, he's very sweet, just like me ha ha!

Ultra Toast, no ... but I do think Bob's one the best contemporary poets we have. Love his stuff.

Keshi, not at all. You can love him too. ;-)

dinahmow said...

Border #1 for working dogs.My Burmese cat and I always watched sheep dog trials together and BCs were our favourites.
And that name - now there's clever, boyo!

kenju said...

Bibi, thanks for the visit. Dylan is a beautiful dog. I once knew a border collie named Maggie, and she was one of the smartest dogs I've ever seen.

homo escapeons said...

aaaww he's so Cuuute!
This amazing interspecies bonding is one of the greatest yet simplest joys that we can experience in this world.

This reassurance that there are still more loving people like you on this planet than those idiots in the NFL who I am so furious that they think of themselves as heroes and role models (&^@#$#%)they aren't worthy of even looking at a dog never mind owning them.
deep breath...OK

Dylan is one lucky pooch.
He'll probably keep you on your toes but hey, can you really put a price on unconditional love?

Claire said...

He's a handsome man, that Dylan! Then again, I'm an absolute fool for anything with four paws and fur...and a good disposition.

Nice to meet you..thanks for dropping by my place. I love your writing so far!

Bibi said...

dinahmow, yes boyo, there's tidy. :-)

kenju, thank you!

homo escapeons, isn't it just one of the best yet simplest joys! He's definitely keeping me on my toes, LOL.

claire, thank you, 4-paws and fur will do it every time!