Sunday, July 29, 2007

donkey overload

Everyone goes through it. Some more than others. And some handle it better than others. But with the launch of my new show, I can certainly relate to this poor donkey right now ... and I bet you can too!


Pamela said...

that must be a common thing.. did you notice his feet started moving when he realized he was on his way down.

I did that in a lawn chair the other day.

Cazzie!!! said...

Too Too sad..poor donkey...harness those skinny assed people and let the donkey walk I reckon! Aside from that, I get what you mean...and I am meditating in 5 minutes :)

Chris Benjamin said...

such an eeyore moment. i saw a goat get similar treatment once.

Ian Lidster said...

My wife actually used an a single frame from that film in her master's thesis last year, which revolved around microcredit programs in India. Loved it Vicki, despite feeling for the poor animal. Anyway, I'll take the liberty of sending it on to Wendy.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

If only my work could make me feel like i'm walking on air.

That's one lucky donkey

Anonymous said...

ppfff... this is funny but feel sorry for the donkey.

so what's got you overloaded bibi?

Bibi said...

Pamela, you always make me laugh ... thinking of you in the lawn chair. ;-)

Cazzie, you tell them girl!! I hate to see that kind of abuse.

Benjihopper, was he pulling a cart?

Ian, I just set up an interview with someone on the microcredit program. It's all good work!

Ultra Toast, that's one way of looking at it ... and at least he got to rest for a while!

Mikeym, me overloaded? Nah... life's good!

Keshi said...

OMG thats Animal Cruelty! I cried watching that video :(


Anonymous said...

Good luck and good night, Bibi! :-)

Anonymous said...

- or I should have said, break a leg!

Kiyotoe said...

he looked so helpless and completely uninterested in getting down.

poor kiyotoe....umm...i mean Donkey.


WithinWithout said...

Ha Ha Ha!!!

But you'll notice that when the weight was lifted off, he came back down to Earth and was calm and ready to pull as can be.

I hope you are too. :-)

Heidi said...

HI Bibi..Thanx for stopping by via Ian's blog.

I'm going to catch up on your past entries. :)

Bibi said...

Keshi, mmmm... sad isn't it.

Cheers Pete!

Kiyotoe, lol, I think maybe he was enjoying a rest ... that was quite a load!

Within Without, he pulled through ok. And I will too, thanks. Just like the Energizer donkey ... keep going, and going ... ha ha.

Heidi, welcome and thank you!

Chris Benjamin said...

actually he was being strapped to the roof of a van, but the facial expression was similar.

Toast, sometimes my work makes me feel hung up to dry, does that count?