Saturday, September 29, 2007

inquiring minds

There are many occasions when I’ve avoided panty-lines by skipping underwear underneath a sleek outfit. I’ve sometimes fed junk food to my God-children. And I’ve frequently walked naked around my own home.

I often talk to myself. Speak in funny voices. Chat to my sister in Irish

and Russian accents. Sing because I can. And dance because I can't.

I’ve accidentally driven north on a south-bound one-way street (in London, San Francisco, Madrid and Seattle). Thumbed my nose at the advice of people who know everything, yet have experienced nothing. And reciprocated in kind to those who treat me or mine with disrespect.

So does that make me insane? Would it make me a bad mom? An unfit parent?

I don’t know if Britney Spears is a good, bad, or indifferent mother. She doesn't appear to be making very wise choices of late. But I’m tired of every expert and their brother who once-took-a-psych-class analyzing her behavior from an elevation of 30,000-feet based on hearsay and supposition ‘reporting’.

Maybe inquiring minds should ask how many green dollars the brutish-bodyguard packed in his wallet for the story he sold of Britney allegedly using drugs in front of her kids.

And, more importantly, since Tony Barretto is so ‘deeply concerned’ about the welfare of Brit’s children, maybe we should ask why he’s only just stepped forward—weeks after these events supposedly happened … after he was fired … after he hooked up with TV-hog Gloria Allred. And the month before Kevin Federline’s $20,000 per month alimony expires.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s more that inquiring minds should know.


dinahmow said...

Ooo - I think your dart just hit the circle!
The OED defines "celebrity" as being well-known, which, clearly, these headliners are not. (Except for some, when the knowing is biblical!)
It all comes back to sloppy reporting, doesn't it?
Maybe the professed outrage should be directed at the editors and publishers...

Suzy said...

You bring up some incredibly interesting points and my question has always been- why do we even care?
They're all celebrity hogs.

There are certianly more important issues at hand- war, hunger right here in the US, let alone other countries where children die every day.

She' not even that talented, so what is the pull?

Ces Adorio said...

Oh Bibi Britney made her first mistake of marrying that guy. You have very good observations.

But enough about Britney, you are more insteresting...

Ian Lidster said...

Aside from your first paragraph giving me the warmish vapors (that's a good thing), the rest of your blog is absolutely true. I find with poor, sad Britney that the predominant impulse of the public is to gleefully and hubristically watch the train-wreck, rather than to show genuine compassion for this sad girl.
All the excess reminds me of the reporting pre and post Diana of a decade ago.
Thought-provoking piece from you, as usual, Vicki. So glad to know you.

Becca said...

Unfortunately, there are plenty of bad mothers out there, so do we need to glorify this kind of behavior in our pop culture stars?

You raise some important issues here that have been overlooked, I think.

Ant said...

I think the Britney thing is all about the human obsession with beauty. I firmly believe that this is where the worldwide obsession with Princess Diana comes from as well.

I do find it astonishing just how enraptured the world becomes at the sight of some high and symmetric cheekbones. I've heard people say that it's a modern-day thing, size-zero causing lots of young girls to starve themselves etc, but looking back through history there's plenty evidence of similar tortures to achieve perceived beauty. It's just a simple human reaction.

Then, because it's a mixture of awe and jealousy that motivates it, the same worshippers are all too ready to stick the boot in when the idols fall from grace.

Pamela said...

Federline is either the frying pan or the fire.

Poor kids.

Keshi said...

**by skipping underwear underneath a sleek outfit

I hv never done that! :) thats cos I need undies on all the time except when in the shower...

Britney isnt a bad mum...she's just a lost girl..she needs to sort herself out first.


Michelle O'Neil said...

I feel sorry for Britany. Her parents should have reined it in when she was a teenager, instead of allowing her to be pimped out by the media.

It's sad.

Kiyotoe said...

I agree, the whole thing is just way too much exposure now. #1 who cares?

and #2 I know she asked for the attention by becoming a pop star but still, in this situation, doesn't she deserve a little privacy?

It's a shame when people's personal lives become "entertainment" for the masses.

Bibi said...

You know, it surprised me to see how many people had compassion for this girl's situation. Let's hope she pulls through ok, kids too.

laughingwolf said...

thx for dropping over, bibi :)

since this was posted on my b'day, what a great 'prezzie' ;) lol

always a pleasure to meet folk not ashamed to exercise their gray matter

i'll be back more often now i know of you

kj said...

i resist supporting/buying the tabloids, and i don't watch this stuff on tv, but what strikes me most is easy it is for "celebrity" to create and excuse out-of-control behavior of any kind. where are britney's parents? aunts? high school friends? manager? how does the spiraling pick up speed like this?

you have to hope britney-the-adult kicks in sooner rather than later.
and kevin fed-, who knows? he looks like a creep to me, but who knows?

and then there's anna nicole's little daughter......

good thinkin' post as always, bibi.,


Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

It's difficult enought commenting on what goes on in my friends lives, whom I know well, let alone celebrities whom I have no primary interaction with.

It amazes me that people are so able to build such solid houses of opinion on such flimsy foundations of fact

Bibi said...

Laughingwolf ... well Happy Belated birthday to you!! Was a pleasure to find your art.

KJ, I know. I'm torn between who the hell cares ... and leave her alone. But as far as Paris, Lyndsey etc go, I think they courted a lot of their own trouble. Go to bed with the devil, and you won't wake up with ... whatever that saying is...

Ultra toast, very profoundly said!!