Sunday, October 14, 2007

never say goodbye ...

There’s a saying I like that’s really true: One cannot seek new horizons if one is afraid to leave the safety of the shore.

With that in mind, I’ve hedged on something all week. Should I, shouldn’t I? Why? Why not?

It all started when I answered five questions from Ian Lidster. And simultaneously read a post on KJ's new blog. And another by Kiyotoe. Then one of my closest friends left Seattle to begin a new life in Florida. Sometimes it takes just a little nudge to get us to regroup, recommit, or re-assess.

Whatever you call it, all three posts sparked that flame that flickers deep inside and I realized I’d been coasting, living in a very cushy comfort zone—something I knew intrinsically, but not a state I like to be in for too long.

I need to step it up, and step on out!

Won’t bore you with the details of my life, but as a result of this, I’ve made significant changes and have the opportunity to really stretch myself. And … most importantly (!) … I want to (choose to!) get away from the keyboard more.
So last month I hired a personal trainer to get me reconditioned over the next few grey months. I want to learn to ski ‘properly’ this winter. I also want to master that darn snowboard once and for all; and go snow-mobiling and snow shoeing—without getting stuck in a drift!

To gain a better balance on my work and personal life, I need to create more creative space and time. That means letting go of, or subtracting, certain other roles and activities, most of which I can't/won't mention here for obvious reasons.

So it’s with much ambivalence, my bloggy-buds, that I sing “So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye” … at least for now.

Blogging was something I thought I’d do for a couple of months—and even though I was by no means a prolific blogger compared to most of you, 18 months later it’s like leaving the comfort of a home you’ve lived in for a while to move to a new town. Sad to be leaving, but excited about the journey and new challenges and opportunities ahead.

I hadn't expected to ‘meet’ such wonderful, warm, funny, wise and incredibly smart and talented people. So, thanks for the timely kick in the pants! Thanks to those who've left comments on-blog and off-blog.

And thanks to all of you who’ve made me laugh, learn, and cry by sharing your skills, experiences, and life-journeys.

Bibi’s come to the end of her Beat for a while … but I hope you’ll stay in touch …

Love and hugs x

P.S. I have withdrawal symptoms already.


Becca said...

I will certainly miss your unique viewpoint on "life in general" and the goings on in the world. I do understand the need to carve out all the time you possibly can for these exciting new projects.

I wish you the best of luck with everything going on in your life! Let me know if/when you re-enter the world of blogging :)

kj said...

well, bibi, i have to face the fact that i take my favorite relationships seriously. so i am making a mental note to find myself in seattle (my niece lives there) and with your permission i will look you up for lunch.

in the meantime, boo hoo and best wishes. you done good.


Pamela said...

think of me sometime -- still sitting here getting blubber butt, while you are kickin it up a step.

I'm jealous, except for the cold fingers when you go snow boarding. (oh maybe cold bottom too at first)

good bye. sniff.

Bibi said...

Becca, thank you so much and I know that you are working on your own creative endeavours and wish you all the best with those! I'm gonna wash something else right out of my hair too. (I know you'll understand that!)

KJ, and I would be very disappointed if you didn't call me for lunch! If I hear you've been here and didn't call, will hunt you down. ;-) I'm meeting a fellow bloggy from Scotland tomorrow who's in town on biz. Good luck with your re-entry into the counseling field.

Pamela, yeah, I'll defintely have a cold butt! Good job I have a lot of blubber, lol. I'll be thinking of you and hope to see the memoirs of your dad in print one day.

Ces Adorio said...

Another good one going away...


Good luck Bibi. We have our priorities and yes, wishing you success and happiness. May God bless you always.

Keshi said...

o no its the 2nd goodbye for the day :(


Ant said...

Blimey! We're still meeting up this afternoon right?!

Well it's been a blast - you're one of the most positive folk I've read and you're an inspiration to everyone out there who should be going out and living life to the fullest...

Maybe you'll be back? I direct your attention to the words in the banner on the top of your blog... :-)

All the best! (And good luck with the proper skiing - "lean left, lean left, aaaaaarrrrrghh!" :-) )

Ian Lidster said...

For entirely selfish reasons I am really sorry to read this. Furthermore, I feel some personal culpability in the matter, dear Vicki. I mean, I understand perfectly and all that but, dammit my friend, you have always been one of my prize contacts.
Also, for my own selfish professional reasons, I would value keeping in touch with you, so I hope you don't mind if I do. We live in a similar realm and your thoughts just might be helpful to me. So, provided I'm not being intrusive, I would like to keep a connection alive.
Meanwhile, every bit of luck in your various endeavors and may it all bring what you want it to.
You're a gem and thank you for the few months.

laughingwolf said...

dang v! just got to know a bit of you, and now you won't be around much

ah well, do find joy in whatever you do in rl, and stop by when the urge rears its head again

stay well


Bibi said...

Ces, thank you and I wish you well with your fantastic art work and the story of Isabella. Will be popping by for updates! ;-)

Keshi, must be something in the air hugs back. May see you again.

Bibi said...

Ant, oh I'm still writing/ eavesdropping/ brainstorming and hustling but need the creative space to focus on other writing projects at the moment. I'm sure I'll be back when I've moved things along. ;-) And yes, will see you in Seattle this afternoon!!

Ian, well of course we will stay in touch!! No question. You know where to reach me. My web sites always online. And I'll still visit some blogs ... I just have to free up some time and get away from the PC more often right now. I work so much on the PC, I just don't want to be on there during my free time too. Answering your questions made me realize that I was resting on my laurels and still have a lot I want to accomplish. And there were numerous factors wasn't just because of your questions. ;-)

Laughing wolf, yes, and I only just found your incredible art work! I'll be checking back. ;-)

dinahmow said...

Bye-bye, Bibi.
I'm another of your readers who will,selfishly, miss your wit and wisdom.
But I would never want you to deny your own dreams.
Good luck with all your projects. And thank you for stopping by at my blog.
Give 'em hell, Snow Bunny!

andrea said...

Farewell but not goodbye (I hope). I have always enjoyed your take on the creative life and will miss it!

Deirdre said...

I'll miss you, but am glad you're going off to wonderful adventures. Of course, I'll be checking in once in a while to see if you've let a little something here. Have a great time.

Chris Benjamin said...

i know how you feel and have been pondering the same myself, just too much real life going on and too much time spent on the keys. i wish you luck with your new project.

eric1313 said...


I just followed your link from Ant's blog. Hope you find all the growth for which you begin to look.

KJ is also a fine person. I've met her around and her advice is sterling. Heck, golden.

It's good to see writers doing their thing, that's why I started blogging--not enough writers in Detroit. This has been a period of incomparable growth for me. I hope it was such for you.

Anyway, sounds like you have actuated a wonderful career. Best of luck to you with this plate spilling over that you are balancing.

Good to meet you! Take care.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Good luck Bibi!

I might be in your neck of the woods next year, so I'll let you know via this in due course.


Bibi said...

Thank you Dinahmow! Hope you have many more fun travels ahead of you. Enjoy the summer in down under.

Andrea, and I've enjoyed your perspective as a fabulous artist and wish you well with future gallery showings. Hope I can make the next one!

Deidre, thank you ... you are certainly one who's made me cry, but in the most beautiful and tender words expressed for your sister. Bright blessings.

Bibi said...

Benjihopper, if I didn't 'work' on the pc, might be different. Good luck with your writing ... let me know if you get your project published.

Eric1313, yes, it's already in place just need more play time.;-) Blogging has been an unexpectedly good experience. All the best with your writing in Detroit!

Ultra toast, thanks for the well wishes ... and anytime you're in Seattle. Will see if we can find you a homeless man too (ref. Ant's post). All the best in blighty!

laughingwolf said...

thx for the kind comments hon, but i have yet to post any of my own art in blogger, those are by others

i do have some of my scribblings there, though...

Anonymous said...

Damn Bibi, I go on book tour and this is what I come back to!

I know you are much in demand and your work keeps you real busy. Excited you got that project - I know you really wanted it.

Way to go girl. You rock!!!!!

Kiyotoe said...

This is a joke right?

Where is Ashton Kutcher, I'm getting Punk'd right?

Say it ain't so Beebs. You are one of the few "bloggers" out here that I look forward to reading because of the inspiration you bring to me. I want to be where you are (or somewhere close at least) and every once and a while if I feel a little discouraged or frustrated, you write something about a past experience or give advice that goes a long way with me.

I guess I'll miss that. :-(

But I won't cry. I have an image. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have to echo the last comment. :<

I don't very often comment but I always look forward to reading your blog and am sorry that you are leaving us.

But as Ces said, we all have to prioritze. Hope to see you around again soon. :D Maybe??

Bibi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bibi said...

Laughing wolf ... well it was still brilliant artwork. Thanks for correcting that.

Pete, c'est la vie mon amie. Onward and upward. ;-)

Lisage, I've never expected people to comment ... I've never been one of those avid (ego) bloggers who mistakenly thinks that 'he/she with the most comments wins' and I thank for your note today.

Kiyotoe my old friend. Your note warmed my heart and I thank you for that. I take my work (my real work) seriously, but the blog was just for fun, so I'm glad it made a little difference along the way. Expect to see your name on movie credits one day!

Cazzie!!! said...

Bibi, I love reading here, it makes me feel calm, and I have a smile on my face when I read what you have entered so diligently into the CYBER World!!
Please, just know, we are still here, and maybe just type HI! Once in a while :)

Michelle O'Neil said...

It's been so nice reading you, Vicki.

Off to your next adventures!


kj said...

i miss you! i do!

Bibi said...

Caxxie, thank you ... I've enjoyed your positive outlook and hope you have many more fantastic journeys with your family!

Michele, appreciate your note and good luck with the wonderful work that you do. ;-)

KJ, that's really sweet. I'm still around ... you can find me off-blog anytime. ;-)

Lady Lostris said...

I havent popped in for a very long time, and find it incredible that it would be now that I decided to do so.

For a while now Ive been feeling that some things need to change. Some big changes that Im not 100% sure I want to make yet.

I loved that quote at the beginning of your post, and Ive written it down to keep as a reminder.

Even though I havent been a regular of your blog, when I have managed to stop by Ive always found you to be very inspirational, and Ill miss the lack of new posts when next I pop in.

Good luck. You are one brave woman to actually take those steps to making your life a better, more fulfilling one for you.


Bibi said...

Leigh, thanks for your wishes. Your words came at a good time for me today! (I was having a temporary moment of wondering what the heck I was getting myself in to.)

For sure, timing is everything when you make changes. A male friend in San Diego once told me (when I was going through a bad situation) not to get too comfortable with the pain or live with the discomfort too long; and that's always stayed with me and helped me to move forward in a lot of areas when I've second-guessed myself. Best of British with your changes!

Anonymous said...

Vicki!! Say what?? I've been traveling a lot and haven't kept up as often as I would have but didn't expect to come back to this.

I'm all broke up. :-( But I wish you GOOD LUCK. You are an amazing, courageous woman and have inspired me on many occasions. Love and hugs back at ya!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Okay you! I gave you two weeks to come back and you're still not here. I miss reading you! =:-<

Bibi said...

Mikey, oh you're such a tease. I'm just a working girl trying to do her thing ... to "do it my way" as Frankie would sing. All the best Mikey ...

Jonget, was it you that sent me the very cryptic email? Do I know you? Either way, thanks for your note here ... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am in London from Germany and found you by listening to your radio shows on world web. You are come over so natural and you compassionate and also intellignet. You have a lovely accent! i'm sure everyone says that.:)

I am still listening in but am wanting just to tell you that i will miss your beat. A lot. Thank you for bringing some inspiration and hope to the life of someone whose battle a major depressive.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bibi said...

Anon ... thanks so much for your nice words. Glad to have you as a listener and if you want to make suggestions for future shows you can always reach me via the website.

Bibi said...

Hey Adam, (if that's even your real persona) ... please stop sending spam to this site dude!

You and I both know I didn't request that info and this is not an appropriate forumn for marketing ... you're not going to get biz this way because I will keep deleting the comment.

If you need some marketing advice I'd be glad to help you out for a reasonable industry fee. ;-)

Kiyotoe said...

Okay, I'm a little jealous that "anonymous" has heard your voice on the radio.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bibi said...

Hey Kiyotoe ... hope all's well with you. You could sneak an earbud in at work and listen on the net! Although I'm not sure my voice is worth it ... ;-)

Romeo Morningwood said...

I suspect that I will bump into you during the deepest darkest nights of Winter and you feel the urge to see what everyone is up to.

You certainly do have a ton of stuff on your plate. WOW! I hope that you get to it, through it, and do it!

I was going to say Take Care but you actually ARE doing just that...
weird eh?

Bibi said...

Homo Escapeons ... LOL, you never know! Things are going really well and I've already cleared a bunch of stuff off my plate ... so now it's time for some snow play,yeay!

Take care yourself. ;-D

MSU gal said...

you will be missed.
all the best to you!

WithinWithout said...

We all pop in and out of things that we love doing, Bibi.

You're so engaged in your life, and that's a beautiful thing.

You've been a beautiful and intelligent voice out here in the cyberforest, and we'll miss you.

But we'll know you're busy with other challenging things that will make you happy.

All the best. :-)

Bibi said...

Msugal, thank you! Hope you and b-girl enjoy the holidays and that Santa's good to you both.

Within Without, true, we do pop in and out. Training's going well, I'm getting strong and just waiting on the mountains to open the ski runs. Appreciate your lovely words ... hope you get some good downtime with your kids over Christmas. ;-)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ant said...

Happy new year bibi!

Ces Adorio said...

Bibi, come back. I miss you.

Bibi said...

Oh thank you Ces! I miss you too but will stop by your wonderful art blog. I think of Isabella and wonder how your character is doing.;-)

This year I'm really focused on a couple of projects that are near and dear to my heart and I'm still enjoying dancing in the snow.

Hope you're well ... love and hugs to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hello Bibi. I loved reading some of your articles. Sorry I found you now. Maybe you'll come back, non?

Anonymous said...

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Ultra Toast Mosha God said...


So, I will definitely be coming your way. It wil be early-mid august I would have thought, so get in touch if you around. I'll email you nearer the time.

Bibi said...

Hi Ultra Toast!

Yes, drop me an email closer to the date ... always glad to talk with a fellow Brit. ;-)

Meanwhile, enjoy the summer! (...when it finally arrives...) ~Bibi

Anonymous said...

ack -- i keep checkin' in 2 c if u're back. when bibi? miss ur insight! miss ur outlook! miss ur inspiration! just plain ol' miss u! =:{ mm/NY.NY.

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Anonymous said...


Ultra Toast Mosha God said...


I never contacted you when I came nearby. I'm sorry. I hope all is well.

Maybe next time.