Sunday, October 22, 2006

road floozie

Being a book-a-holic, I found these interesting (in fact, they cracked me up).

I received two postcards from Europe which are images of genuine book
covers from the 1940s.

Evidently, both cover girls were fans of the Jane Russell wonderbra.


Swampwitch said...

I'm so surprised you were able to find these snapshots of me, Swampwitch, in my younger days. And, yes, I did love that Jane Russell underwire wonder bra that I wore to the Underground Wonder Bar...say that 3 times with your eyes closed.
Thanks for the visit today.

Anonymous said...

okay... I'll tell ya about underwire bras
I went with a group into the state penitentiary ... and I set off the metal detector.

back and forth back and forth
Finally the guard said in a dead pan

'maam, are you wearing an underwire?"

... so I got to go in a little room with a woman guard and get the good old pat down peeka boo yoo hooo

thanks for visiting my fall picture.
Love the fall leaves. I have fall leaves hidden in my ficus tree by my desk at work, too. I wonder if the janitor will notice

Bibi said...

Swampwitch ... your secret's uncovered!

Pamela, something similar happened to a friend of mine. He was wearing jewelled undershorts. Don't ask--I didn't LOL.

Yasmine Galenorn said...

Hey ~V!

Sorry we couldn't connect--this weekend was nuts with a signing yesterday and then today I had two meetings to attend (both welcome ones, which was nice). I'm really up for some tea, if you have any time soon. Next Saturday I'm off for Oly for a signing, and Sunday have another meeting, but this week I'm fairly open, other than my incessant work (which is going well, knock wood, I might add). Drop me a note or call to let me know what you're up to.

And I LOVE the covers...gotta love those glamour girls. :)


Anonymous said...

My mother has a closet full of books with jackets like this. Wonder if they're worth anything?

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

The second one is a lesson to us all, I think.

It's important that facts like this are made known to everyone.

Stace said...

Oh my goodness, how wonderful! There's a little bar near where I work which has some posters on the walls in a similar style, I love them! I wish I could find some to deck my house out in the same way!

Bibi said...

Ultra Toast, will do my best to look out for more such important facts ;-0

Wanderlust, hey you never know...might be worth taking to a collector.

Stace, glad you enjoyed! I have mirrors in my studio that are replicas of Vogue covers from the early 1900s...I love them.

Jeanne said...

Nope. That virgin is braless. Not pointy at all.

Kelly Wolfe said...

I totally want to read those books!


Kiyotoe said...

I think I'm a fan too.


Bibi said...

Jeanne, confess I didn't look that closely LOL.

Lisa, they'd probably be a kick.

Kiyotoe ... mmm, need I say more LOL.