Thursday, June 29, 2006

adoption blues

Back in April I edited a script for Michael M., a good friend and filmmaker who was directing a documentary on adoption. I reviewed the first cut of his film two weeks ago and the images still haunt me.

To the hundreds of American couples flying overseas eager to adopt Chinese, Russian, and Vietnamese babies, I say bless your hearts.

To the thousands of older American kids who’ve never snuggled against a mother’s soft breast, or felt safe in a father’s strong arms, or climbed into bed between mom and dad ... I say bless yours more.

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Anonymous said...

My parents were killed when i was 2 and i grew up in various homes and its left a big longing that nothing can fill. thank you for recognizing older kids who need adopting. your sentiments were very touching but i wish more people were plugged in to the need for adoption versu there own needs for a brand new baby.