Tuesday, June 06, 2006

kevin trudeau's natural cures

I hate to give his name Web space, but I really want to know why Kevin Trudeau’s book Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About is still on the shelves of superstores like Barnes & Noble? And even more perplexing, if not disturbing, why he now has a second book called More Natural Cures Revealed, sitting right next to his first book on the shelves of those same superstores?

Natural Cures has become a bestseller, not because Trudeau tells the truth—as he claims—but because of saturation marketing and snake-oil sales strategies. Yes, I've sat and watched his infomercials in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep. And I've seen him bat his pretty blues at the camera, raising his eyebrows in a triangle of furrowed frustration at those 'evil' pharmaceutical companies and mysterious government agencies he claims don't want us to get well at any cost.

But at what cost are his books still on store shelves? And more importantly, at whose cost?

I've reviewed Trudeau's natural remedies and found no valid reference to documented clinical studies proving any of his cure claims for cancer, diabetes, or Parkinson's disease; in fact, I found much of nothing, and nothing much. My mother has Parkinson's, so trust me when I say that if I thought there was one ounce of hope in Trudeau's claims, I would be force-feeding her large daily doses of Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About.

Unless folks have been hiding under a rock, they must have heard that Trudeau served prison time for his part in a credit card scam; and that he was forced to pay thousands to consumers in redress for false product claims. And that the FTC* fined him two million dollars for making fraudulent cancer cure claims.

Take a look at this,
just one of many documents* available to the public. And then please tell me why Trudeau’s face still stares smugly from the shelves of these superstores, spreading false hope to the indiscriminate, the naïve, and the needy who believe their future lies in 'Trudeau's truth'.

(*Here's the URL to the Federal Trade Commission document in case the link fails to work


andrea said...

Hi Vicki. Valerie sent me over here. I'm always horrified by these guys because they exploit the most vulnerable members of society -- the naive and the desperate. It's like snatching a little old lady's purse.

Bibi said...

Hi Andrea ... doesn't seem right does it. And I didn't mention this on the blog, but Trudeau's been banned on several occasions from making any more informercials... yet he still gets air time.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there is no hope in Kevins book, but what hope is there in the Medical field that has hardly came up with any real hope to cure cancer in over 60 years.Radiation hurts the body and weakens the immune system so what hope is there when the radiation destroies the immune system?

Bibi said...

Anon, while radiation failed my father and my best friend, it has worked for others. I believe we should objectively review all available information, apply critical reasoning to what's applicable; and ultimately use our own discernment in evaluating what's best for us as individuals.

John Ivey said...

Barnum was right. A sucker IS born every minute! And there is no shortage of villains and con men to prey on those unfortunate souls. And while Trudeau falls into that contemptible category, a more miscreant creature is the televangelist who in God's name solicits donations from gullible believers. And at the pinnacle perhaps are politicians fueled by greed and hunger for power and backed by big business and corporate America. Caveat emptor!

Bibi said...

... feel pretty stongly about this, huh? Yep, we need to be discerning with where we put our votes and our dollars.