Tuesday, June 27, 2006

woo-woo whispers

Friends would tell you I’m definitely a healthy skeptic when it comes to all things woo-woo. I’ll consider possibilities and alternative explanations, but I also want facts; and I like to know the bottom line. Give it to me dry. So given my recent anxiety over the impending move, it’s not without a twinkle in my eye, that I say it “appears” my apartment’s had enough of me and is telling me to get the hell out!

Since making the decision to move, I’ve experienced a string of events that, by themselves, seem innocuous. But added together, many would call “signs from the universe”.

It started when a suitcase, which had comfortably hung on a hook at the back of my closet for several months, suddenly dropped from its anchor to the floor. Then the curtain rod fell down and refused to go back up, leaving my bedroom bare to the world. I lifted one book from a shelf and all 36 came with it. I reached for one envelope from my stationery unit, and dozens of labels, cards, and CD packs followed.

I fell up the steps on Wednesday. Down them on Friday. And on Sunday, my front door key snapped in the lock leaving me wondering who I could call for help at 1:30 a.m.

While I could have ignored the whispers, the final event roared loudly when the swipe card to my apartment’s community security gate suddenly stopped working. It happens. So I went down to the office for a new pass code, and surprise! It doesn’t open the entry gate at all … but the exit gate flies wide open. Hasta luego Bibi!


Yasmine Galenorn said...

Well, I think those are clear enough signs that it's time to move! Pay attention. LOL, I didn't, some years back, and ended up with my apartment flooded and having to move without planning to. It wasn't fun. :)


Bibi said...

Hey Yazza, paid auto registration fees today and was told I had to have new plates ... looks like out with the old and in with the new applies to everything! I'm going w. the flow...